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Personally, I don't give a crap if Josh Lanyon is a man or not, and I don't want to belabor the point. I'm just saying that there are a number of things that are screwy with this list.

But anyway Sep 19, AM. I'd like for my books to be removed from that list. I find is disrespectful to my female co-writers Barbara Sheridan, Kate Cotoner and Raev Gray, who see their contribution as women subsumed into my work. Also, to me it smells of sexism and I'm simply not comfortable being singled out. I want readers to read my books without them thinking about my plumbing or that of my co-writers - whom I work with for their voices, their talent, their passion, but never ever for their plumbing.

Well said Aleksandr. I've now spent 20 minutes trying to work out how to remove my books from that list - 20 minutes I could have spent writing. A list-savvy librarian to the rescue? I think I managed to delete your books - there were 2. And I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks this is a weird list. Oh well. It started with four or five - but I just checked, they are all gone now. Thank you! I would never presume to declare myself non-sexist, non-chauvinistic or completely liberal-minded.

M/M Books Written By Men

I'm almost absolutely certain that sometimes, I am sexist, chauvinistic and not always as liberal minded as I fancy myself being. Evidently being a gay man myself has not prevented me from learning and believing the same stereotypes and presumptions as everybody else I can't explain it or quite put my finger on it but there is something about the writing of a male writer, particularly an acknowledged gay male writer, that particularly holds my interest.

It holds my interest in a different way, not necessarily a deeper or better way, but decidedly different, perhaps truer or closer to my own life experience. I hazard to say that the experience of living life as a self-identified homosexual male can't help but inform a gay male author's writing. Plus, both this list and the one created in response display a sexism and divisiveness that I'm uncomfortable with.

To edit the list, you have to be a librarian. And it's pretty easy to become one if you are interested. But if you are a librarian, there is an "Edit" link at the top of the page, right after the list description. Then there's a link to "remove particular books. In the end, there's always caveat emptor - if I'm not sure if I'll relate to a new-to-me author, I'll read their free stories on their website. The time when you had to buy books "blind" is long over. Reminds me of a discussion where I talked to a woman who told me flat-out that any "lesbian" who'd ever slept with a man an enjoyed it wasn't a "real lesbian".

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It brings to mind my transgender friends who are being told they aren't "real men" or "real women". I simply don't condone anything that tastes of sexism. And making my co-writers seemingly insignificant or invisible on this list feels like a kick in the face. Kate - yeah. We really need a list for transpeople, for bisexuals, for straight women, straight men, straight transmen, straight transwomen And our beautiful community turns into a labelling fest. Sep 20, PM.

I think the characterization of straight women as a mainstream, colonizing force ignores the fact that straight male sexuality and straight female sexuality are not the same thing, and do not enjoy the same cultural privileges. In fact, male violence denies women their sexual agency, and there are very few cultural outlets for women who wish to express a desire for men in a non-heteronormative way.

I have no beef with gay men who want to read books by other gay men. Makes total sense to me.

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But to place this list in the context of a genre largely composed of women writing about men from a non-straight-male-mediated perspective does come across to me as judgemental, and that I do object to. I'd like to meet the "librarian" who traversed the globe performing crotch checks on all these authors. I'd shake that person's hand, I would.

But I do have to applaud this divisive effort. The human population definitely needs more precise segregation. Nov 17, AM. Leah wrote: "Hmm I definitely think differentiating gay erotica written by men is important. I have read fantastic books by woman but I respect when men write more for their experiences etched into their fiction.

Jun 29, PM. Aug 13, PM. And you know, I really feel uncomfortable having to offer that "truth in advertising" moment, because I like for my readers to be able to envision me in whatever manner they prefer. And these readers are seasoned. If you crunch the numbers, the average reader was read well over romance novels in their lifetime. She wants to see a heroine she can relate to.

Your heroine and the reader should share some sympathetic characters. Here are some ideas you can use to reflect the reader in your romance novel:. And for some of the more obscure sub-genres, thank goodness, they have explanations for the weirdness. Yes, this publisher is exactly what it sounds like. Unapologetically explicit, House of Erotica is only for the spiciest of the spicy romances. They prefer works over 30, words, and if the work is accepted, they will design the cover free of charge.

And yes, I deliberately picked the least steamy titles I could find. Sourcebooks is an independent publisher that takes all genres of work, but Casablanca , their romantic fiction imprint, is currently seeking submissions.

They want 85,, words, so make sure you have an epic on your hands before sending it in. One of the criteria is a hook so good it sells the book in the first two or three sentences—so even though your manuscript is long, make sure it catches your readers from page one. Make sure your submission for Written in the Stars follows their specific guidelines and not the generic guidelines from Less Than. Diversion is looking to open doors for new writers and reignite flames in old writers.

They publish many genres, but their romance section focuses on contemporary and historical fiction. Changeling Press accepts a lot of different kinds of fiction. Right now, their call is for contemporary and futuristic romance in a variety of themes, with what they call only one heat level: HOT. Ankara was founded by four black women interested in getting more voices from women like them. Read their full guidelines and how exactly to submit via email here. Good news: Tule is currently accepting submissions!

While not strictly romance they publish other genres of fiction, as long as the protagonist is an LGBTQ character , that is the category they are strongest in. While sometimes closed, Riptide is currently open for unagented submissions. They only list one huge no under their guidelines : No deaths. They also happen to be looking for romance, of basically any wholesome genre. Inkspell is looking for interesting, captivating romances with unlikely heroes, werewolves who fall in love, lonely dragons—but also charming cowboys, meet-cute strangers, the hot neighbor next door.

They basically want the usual for submissions, but check the guidelines so you have everything down to a tee. Red Sage is looking for romance, but they want quality writing and plot development as well. They also want something that they can tell the author was interested in writing, not something the writer is doing for money. Check their submission guidelines for more info on this awesome philosophy and to figure out how to send your work—which better be something you love! They publish under the idea that not all romance novels have to be sexy.

They take any romance sub-genres except erotica, obviously and also have a smaller selection of non-romance genres. To submit , they have a private message widget to get in touch. This is a great list, but I need someone to read part of my novel who has experience getting published, so they can decide which publisher to approach. This was great help, but I would like your opinion of the prologue of my book.

If you navigate long enough and finally get to the submissions, it tells you that you must be represented by an agent. Did I miss something? Please help.

Has an online love interest asked you for money?

Thanks for letting me know! What a great list!

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