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They would hang out the "Adults Only" sign, thereby ensuring that every high school and junior high boy and more than a few dads within an hour's drive would storm the gate, and turn on the popcorn machine and then hot-foot it to the night-deposit at the bank.

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Hank Henry is more than a little frustrated at the "lack of attention" he is getting at Topic: "nudie cutie" "vintage erotica". An short erotic film loop featuring two women in nurse uniforms, a visibly happy man, and an early electric vibrating massager. Sourced from Wikimedia Commons via the collection Pollisons et gallipates Rascals and Somersaults of French erotic films made between and Hardcore Sex With Girlfriend's Mom.

Sex Instructions. Gloria Starr. Mary Suckit. Green Girls. Alphonse Momas.

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A Man And Three Maids. Wicked Lord. The Fascinating Tyrant. Up In Heaven.

Vintage Erotica

La Tour. Cougar Island: Parts Daniella Donati. The Ice Dragon. Bianca D'Arc. Nymphs, Horses and Athletes. Melissa Franklin. Torn Apart. Breaking Leather. Delilah Devlin. The She-Devils. Face of the Maiden. Emma Wildes.

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Louisa Trent. My Mother Taught Me. Tor Kung. Everly Ryan. One Wicked Night. Kelly Jamieson.

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The Pearl: Three Erotic Tales. Anonymous Author. Charles Devereaux. Wicked Desires. Rock Page. Devil of Nettlewood. The Tale of Two Virgins. Tia Rain.

Prince of Spies. Best Women's Erotica Violet Blue. Border Lair. Drenching Wet. The Bedroom Slut Collection. Jasmin Rain. The Boudoir, Volumes 3 and 4. Garrison Games. The Merry Menage. Peter Pecker. Eveline In Three Complete Volumes.

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Astrid Cane. The Oyster. There are rumors that this ended a couple ways, but no one cared about that story. It was the footage of a woman giving birth that people, namely men, packed into firehouses for screenings to see. For one glorious moment, there were genitals on screen. Then they were being rendered open by a baby head, but for a second they weren't, and that was enough.

Of course, plenty of people saw through this for the obvious preggo porn it was.

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People tried to have it banned and it was protested by the National Legion of Decency. And yet, it was one of the highest grossing films of the s. Don't push, moralists. That's the entire moral of this story.

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Please provide a valid price range. Annette Haven A sex goddess from the Golden Age of XXX, Annette was born in Las Vegas to a conservative Mormon family which she says influenced her decision to enter porn and upon adulthood moved to San Francisco and found work as a stripper. Classic Italian Vintage. Lovely woman with an incredible body oh those breasts! European Vintage Erotica 95, Sub-Forums : In Remembrance.

You ever hear of a Tijuana Bible? Today we call it "slash fiction," but from the moment there were popular characters, there were people writing stories about those characters having sex. Tijuana Bibles were small comic book pamphlets of the likes of Popeye and Blondie doing stuff that still seems wrong even with everything on RedTube. Obviously, it's hard to nail down who got this treatment first, but there is strong evidence that points to Russ Westover's innocent little Tillie the Toiler. Actually, she wasn't all that innocent even in her syndicated, upstanding strip.

Is it any surprise that someone saw this and immediately dreamed of seeing her get nailed by the old man mogul who ran the company she worked for? The first movie camera is patented in In , someone makes a movie about a woman stripping in a bathroom.

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Really, one has to admire the eight years of restraint. In any case, there's film, followed nigh instantly by erotic film. A Free Ride , the first hardcore sex film in the U. And the first hardcore gay film, The Surprise of a Knight , is not until at least Everyone was anonymous in the making of this minute short, for reasons of the movie being completely against the law. But this isn't like Genet's implied masturbation that happens 20 years later. This is full-on two guys pounding each other, although one of them was pretending to be a lady, because somehow that made this illegal movie slightly less illegal.

Well, she pretends to be a lady until the end, hence the Surprise in the title. It all just goes to show that prohibition on sexual appetites is about as effective as outlawing breathing. Sooner or later, we all need a breath of fresh air. Entertainment Music.

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Lena Nyman It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Swedish actress Nyman's body on the freedom that we enjoy today. Baby Esther African-American singer and dancer Esther Jones is probably most notable for three-ish word type things: "boop-oop-a-doop. Gayle Sherman Born Gary Paradis, Sherman is a fascinating, bewitching, haunting brunette, looking like a young Sophia Loren, who went from Ohio orphan to chorus girl to star female impersonator to stripper to cosmetologist. Joe Dallesandro For a man who once claimed to be a virgin, Andy Warhol sure knew an attractive man when he saw one.