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I didn't get the chance to personally test out the Peloton Tread treadmill, but fellow CNET editor Megan Wollerton praised it for being attractive, easy and fun to use.


The design is undoubtedly premium: A inch touch screen with a soundbar, a slated belt design and the ability to switch the machine into a manual mode, where you move the belt by walking or running. You can connect with your friends who also own Peloton equipment and see their workouts on a leaderboard. Unlike the NordicTrack and Proform machines, which adjust the treadmill settings automatically during a workout class, while taking a class on the Peloton Tread you have to change the speed and incline settings to keep up with the trainer.

Getting a Peloton is a status symbol, akin to getting a Louis Vuitton purse. Can you get something almost as good for less?

Of course, but you'll miss out on some of the luxury of the real deal. If you'd rather spend much less, keep reading for your best treadmill choices. Read our Peloton Tread review. Read more: How to recover from a tough workout. It has a built-in tablet stand for watching videos while exercising and Bluetooth built-in speakers that connect your phone to play music.

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The rubberized handrails have built-in speed and incline controls and there are dedicated spots to put your feet when you want to step off the treadmill during intervals. Overall, the treadmill feels stable and well built. My biggest gripe with this machine is that the stats on the screen are a bit confusing to read while you're working out. I learned three key things about it.

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It's not built for everyone. The entire machine is small, with a walking belt that's inches long and inches wide -- all of the others I tested were at least inches long and inches wide. Walking and jogging on it felt cramped my foot occasionally grazed the plastic cover at the top of the belt and I'm only 5 foot 3 inches with a short stride.

Also, the maximum weight this treadmill can handle is pounds, or kilograms. The max weight for all of the other treadmills on this list is at least pounds kilograms. It doesn't feel overtly cheap. Assembly is required and the warranty is short. If you buy this treadmill online, by default it will not come with expert assembly, but putting it together was really easy. If you've ever put together Ikea furniture, this is easier. However, the warranty on everything but the structural frame of the Sunny treadmill is days four months. I haven't yet tested this machine long-term, but reviews on Amazon complain about its longevity.

Bottom line: If you are really short on space and dollars, and are willing to get rid of the treadmill if it dies in a year, go ahead and get it.

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But if you want anything more from your treadmill, save up for a better option. The Schwinn treadmill has the same features of the Nautilus, including the pacer and fitness score. You can also export your data from the machine by plugging in a USB drive. Beyond that, the treadmill is middle-of-the-road. Not terrible, but not particularly noteworthy.

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If you have a particular affinity for race cars, you'll really like this machine. When you start a new workout, it uses lights and sounds to count you down, and the controls look like the dashboard of a card. Unfortunately, the rest of the treadmill's features aren't anything special and the price is too high to make it worth it over the other options on this list. Instead, pick the Nautilus to get the same features and quality for less money. I'm a casual runner who's used her fair share of treadmills over the years and much prefers running on solid ground.

Powermax Fitness TDM-100M (2.0HP), Semi-Auto Lubrication, Multifunction Treadmill for home fitness

I've been running for exercise off and on for about 10 years, and have participated in several races too. While I'm far from being an expert on running, I have about as much experience as the average person not elite athlete or ultra marathoner who wants to buy a treadmill. I purposefully didn't pick the highest-end option from each brand, because I reasoned most people want to spend less money and want to know if the cheaper option is just as good. I threw in the ultra-cheap Sunny Fitness model as a wildcard because it is a best seller on Amazon and Walmart.

Over almost the entire summer of , I had treadmills coming in and out of the CNET office for training sessions. I was primarily judging these machines on quality, features and usability. Did it feel stable, and well put together?

Is it particularly loud? How easy is it to start a workout, and are the buttons or screen responsive when you're moving? What kind of workout programs does it have? For each treadmill, I did a few exercise sessions -- both walking and running. I did free-form workouts and used at least one of the preprogrammed workouts, where available. I compared many of these models side-by-side, when I was able to have as many in the same room as possible.

click here For the most part, I did not consider the overall footprint of the machines in my reviews, because everyone is going to have different space restrictions. However, all of these machines fold up when not in use and I did consider how bulky the machine looks and feels. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Don't show this again. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Sarah Mitroff. Of course, the biggest reason you buy the Tread is for the studio classes and to connect with other runners in real time, in your own home. Since I have a bit of a competitive streak, I was pushing harder during an interval class than I intended. Beyond the programming, the machine has a premium build.

That starts with the slatted belt—like found on Woodway machines—that gives you a realistic ground feel and a smooth rolling surface underfoot. And, when you want to tweak speed or incline, you just roll forward or back on the dials that are conveniently located on the side rails—no more jabbing at console mounted buttons mid-workout. This machine features all of the convenience options you find on NordicTrack machines—like quick keys to jump to a particular speed or incline with a single tap.

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The cushioning underfoot is just slightly bouncy, though not adjustable, and the machine responds quickly to changes of speed and incline. The iFit training workouts work great, but don't let you adjust duration or intensity on the fly. Much like its little brother, the TRM below , this treadmill has a sleek, stripped-down aesthetic that encourages you to hop on and hit Go. Our test team, however, really liked this machine for its simplicity and realistic running feel. Another huge feature is just how quiet the machine is when changing incline.

Designed for smaller spaces, it has a more compact footprint than many other models and it folds up tightly. For some runners, that means the inch-wide running surface is going to feel more cramped—especially at a quick pace. The belt is still 60 inches long, so you can stride out. Like all NordicTrack machines, the C has quick keys alongside the display, so you can easily jab a single button to set your incline and speed.

Buried beneath a plain-Jane console is a powerful training tool with 46 preconfigured workouts. Using the free Active Trac smartphone app, you can save your session data and share it to sites like Endomondo and Strava. The machine counts your steps based on the strain each footfall places on the motor so you get credit in fitness apps like Apple Health and Google Fit.