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There is limited research exploring the biomechanics of squat jump. Another study evaluated the relation between the maximum mean propulsive power obtained in the loaded jump squat and half squat Loturco et al. Thus, biomechanics of the squat jump in badminton players has not been extensively studied. Currently there is no consensus regarding which factors of a badminton player contribute to a better squat jump.

The purpose of this study was to identify the modifiable and non-modifiable factors that contribute to players producing the ability to perform a squat jump with the aim of being able to inform coaches what to encourage in players, or recognise during the talent identification process.

Informed consent from the players, legal guardians and coaches was taken prior to participation. Approval from the BAI was taken prior to initiation of the study. All players were screened using a combination of a questionnaire and machine analysis. The questionnaire consisted of a self-developed item set with focus on demographics, injury history, treatment history, playing career history and current injury state.

The demographic data included age, sex, height, weight, and dominant hand. The treatment history questioned the form of treatment taken for the injuries, whether it was oral medication, physiotherapy, surgery, or any other. Current injury state involved questions regarding any current pain faced by the player, and whether the player has experienced any clicks, cracks or catches in the body in the last 12 months.

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The machine analysis was done by conducting a biomechanical assessment of squat jump. Iso Lift system of Tecnobody Italy Figure 1 was used to assess the squat jump. The athlete was made to stand on the Iso Lift platform. Located in front of the system, the 3D camera scanned the athlete.

This powerful camera allowed real-time reconstruction of every single movement of the athlete without the need to apply any marker on the body.

The athlete performed the squat jump, and the results were available immediately on the screen. The data was categorized into variables Table and the resulting categorical data was analysed by computing the Mean, Standard Deviation and T-test to identify the level significance in kinematic variables Maximum height, Maximum force, Maximum acceleration, Maximum relative power using Microsoft Excel and SPSS Results A total of junior South Asian Badminton players underwent the assessment.

Out of the players, 59 were male players and 41 were female players. The age group was between 8 and 15 years. The data is presented in Table 1, 2, 3 and 4. Table 1 shows difference in maximum height m between various groups. However, none of the variables showed a significant difference between the groups. Table 2 shows the difference in maximum force N between groups.

However, we did observe a significant difference in terms of BMI Graph 1. The significant difference was 0.

As seen in table 2, there is a significant difference in Maximum Force between players with BMI below and above We observed a significant difference in terms of level at which they play Graph 2. Mean maximum relative power in amateur players was There was no significant difference in terms of the other groups.

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As seen in table 3, there is a significant difference in Maximum Relative Power between amateur and professional players. As seen in table 4, there is no significant difference in Maximum Acceleration between the groups. Discussion And Implications Badminton warrants high demands, with a maximum heart rate of A previous study has reported the proposed method, solely based on three simple parameters body mass, jump height and push-off distance , allows to accurately evaluate force, velocity and power developed by lower limbs extensor muscles during squat jumps.

Samozino et al. Based on our results, we found that there is a significant difference in maximum force of squat jump in badminton players with BMI below and above We also found a significant difference in maximum relative power of squat jump in amateur and professional junior badminton players. Rest of the variables proved to be not significant with respect to maximum height, maximum force, maximum acceleration, and maximum relative power.


The variables can be categorized into non-modifiable and modifiable factors. Non-modifiable factors include gender, height, age and years of experience. Modifiable factors include body mass index, level, current pains, clicks and catches in the body. Non-Modifiable Factors There was no significant difference observed between any groups in terms of maximum height, maximum force, maximum acceleration, and maximum relative power. The factors in question here were gender, height, age and years of experience. Common consensus would suggest male players, taller players, and older players would be having a superior squat jump compared to their female, shorter, and younger counterparts but we did not find a significant difference.

This shows that gender, height, and age do not play a significant role in the ability to squat jump.

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We compared groups having less and more than 5 years of playing experience and found that there was no significant difference present. Modifiable Factors On comparing body mass index of players, there was a significant difference found between those with a BMI of less than and above 18 in terms of maximum force.

The authors studied maximal voluntary isometric force and the rate of force production of the knee extensor and the plantar flexor muscles in athletes and suggested that the differences in the isometric conditions could be explained by different muscle fibre distribution and different amounts of muscle mass.

As Princess Uranus, she dwelt in Miranda Castle and wore a deep blue gown. She appears in this form in the original manga Act 41, as well as in supplementary art.

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It is unknown whether she had a relationship with Princess Neptune at that time. The anime and manga versions of the character are reasonably interchangeable, although her standoffishness is more pronounced in the anime. Like Michiru, Haruka is sometimes considered an antihero.

Aside from a brief vignette in a special, Haruka and the others do not return after the third season until the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars , generally retaining the same personalities. Her relationship with Michelle is not implicitly sexual until later in the series.

Their romantic situation is referred to early on and generally understood by most of the metaseries' characters fairly quickly. In the anime, however, the physical aspects of their relationship is limited to hand-holding, flirting and sometimes even humorous implying, but generally remains intact.

Their relationship is often a source of humor. However, Haruka finds it impolite to discuss romantic matters in public. Besides her relationship with Michiru, Haruka is also close friends with Setsuna Meioh , because the three of them work closely together as Outer Senshi. Following the destruction of the Death Busters and the rebirth of Sailor Saturn as an infant, they vow to be her family and care for her.

Later story arcs show that the four live together happily for some time. Nothing about Haruka's family life is ever discussed, although she and Michiru appear noticeably wealthy by unknown means. In the manga, Haruka says that she and Michiru have "wealthy patrons. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. An image gallery is available for Amara Tenou. ISBN Categories :.

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Princess Uranus [1]. January 27 [1]. B [1].

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Mugen School [1]. Not confessing her feelings [1]. Brute strength, piano, ballroom dancing, helicopter pilot [1]. Motorbike riding, driving, track running [1]. Gold [1]. Amber [1]. Salad [1]. Soybeans [1].