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Build your projections from the ground up. Figure out what it will cost to make your product or deliver your service. How will you acquire new customers? How much business can you expect per customer? When you consider these questions, is your new business even feasible? These are some of the most valuable questions to answer! The work you do to find the answers is what matters, not how perfectly constructed the final plan is. After you have worked hard to put together the best plan you can, stop typing, researching, and surveying. Instead, get out of your chair and actually talk to people who might be real customers and are in a position to buy your product or service today.

Are they willing to part with their cash to solve a problem they have? You will not know the real answer until you ask someone to buy what you are selling. Although planning is essential, premeditated business can be a dangerous thing.

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If you create your plan and stick by it no matter what, you could doom your business to Too many small business owners set a goal and try to reach it no matterwhat. Sometimes, that tenacity is the backbone of their success. But sometimes, whenthey fail to see the signs that the goal might not be the best direction for the business,that lack of flexibility can be a business death sentence. What do businesses need most?

Not a perfectly written business plan, but a well-researched plan.

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The two most common SBA loan programs are the 7 a loan guarantee and the loan program. This information will help us to focus on more specific market segments for the first one to two years. Your Black Friday ad has arrived. In , there were approximately Getting it detailed and buying accessories for an automobile is a want. Seller Inventory P If you want to know about how to manage the marketing of whatever you create, whether product or service, and you don't want to be bored while you're reading, this is the book you want.

Companies need enough cash to grow and thrive, which a good plancan help land. They need to manage that cash through constant analysis of cash flow. They need a management team that can execute the plan. They need a marketing anddistribution component so prospects can access the product or service. Finally, theyneed repeat customers and referrals. Read this book. Write your plan. Keep talking to customers. These are the steps that will get your business off to a great start. We have seen this phenomenon firsthand, consulting with and counseling scores of businesses.

Those ventures that operate without a solid game plan in place are much more at risk to fail than those that take the time to plan.

We want to help you make that investment pay off. We assume that you have a solid business idea or prospect in mind.

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This book takes you through the process of extracting the information you need in an acceptable business- plan format to secure financing or to strengthen your business operations, management, and marketing. Anytime you put a series of goals and objectives, as well as a plan for fulfilling them, on paper, you vastly increase the chances of achieving those goals and objectives.

Digital Content The Complete Idiot's Guide to Strategic Planning (​): MA, SPHR, Lin Grensing-Pophal: Books. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Strategic Planning (Idiot's Guides) by Grensing-​Pophal MA SPHR, Lin () Paperback on *FREE* shipping on.

While we recommend a format and order for the information, you may find that mix- ing up that order works best for your business. Write the plan that feels most comfortable for you and fulfills the purpose you need to achieve. Our glossary will brief you on the terms you need to know, and our list of business resources will show you where to turn for help, information, and advice. Together, these four sections will tell you just about everything you need to know about writing a knock-their-socks-off business plan.

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And while we know that follow- ing these directions will leave you with a solid plan, it is our sincere hope that it will also leave you with a better understanding of and vision for your business. How to Get the Most out of This Book To get the most out of this book, read it through first and examine the sample busi- ness plans. You can also head online to examine other sample business plans to choose the format that works best for you and your business. Either way, this book will help you get to the heart of the most important information more quickly. In Part 3, we also address the issues of using your plan as a tool.

No business plan is worthwhile if it just sits in a desk or on a hard drive. We show you how to make your plan into a real tool for your business, as well as how to integrate it into your opera- tions to keep it current and relevant to your business. Pay particular attention to the sidebars and margin notes, which include tips, warn- ings, secrets, and money-saving tidbits.

Bottom Line Booster Red Zone Because time is money, these In business, mistakes tips will help save you both as can cost you.

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These sidebars will you write your plan. These sidebars provide business.

We welcome your feedback and success stories. If you have suggested resources or if this book has helped you, let us know at gwen gwenmoran.

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Thanks to our agent, Bob Diforio, for all of his help, support, and constant contact through his Blackberry! Gwen would like to thank her family and friends for their support, advice, and assis- tance in writing this book. Thanks to her parents, Thomas and Jeanice Moran, who raised four individuals who are unafraid to open the door when opportunity knocks. Thanks to her brothers, Shaun, Brian, and Eric Moran, who are a great group of business advisors.

And thanks to Joseph Raymond, who taught Gwen about the things that are possible when we choose our own paths. And special thanks to the entrepreneur who shares her home address—her husband, Henry Nonnenberg Jr. Introduction xxi She would like to extend special thanks to Bill Harnden and Vicki Lynne Morgan for their time and input to some of the material in this book.

After a long and distinguished career in finance, he is currently employed at Raritan Valley Community College pro- viding financial counseling to many small businesses through the SBDC. Vicki Lynne owns Animal Brands, a marketing and sales representation agency, as well as Russmor Marketing Group, which focuses on private consulting, counseling, mentoring, and coaching for businesses, and is an SBDC counselor. Thanks, also, to the many wonderful small-business owners she has met and has had the opportunity to assist in their journey of pursuing their dreams.

Thanks, also, to Gwen for reaching out to her to co-author of this book! Margaret Buley—who have allowed us to use their business plans modified for confidentiality in this book to benefit and assist other future small-business owners. Trademarks All terms mentioned in this book that are known to be or are suspected of being trademarks or service marks have been appropriately capitalized. Use of a term in this book should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark. This part also includes a few tips on business writing basics.

In Chapter 1, we discuss plan basics, such as how your plan can help you run your business as well as give you an overview of what you can expect during the process. In Chapter 2, we give you an overview of financing options and help you understand the financing needs of your business. Chapter 3 gives you a head start on business writing basics to help make the process of writing much less intimidating.

Your business plan can be an invaluable management and financial tool, keeping your business on track and helping you to grow. But there are a number of things you need to know before you start writing. Business Owner Basics Entrepreneurship is a big part of the American dream, and more people than ever are starting up their own enterprises as full-time ventures or as side- line operations.

In , there were approximately Of those, , were brand new. In fact, each year, hundreds of thousands of businesses open their doors, including start-ups, acquisitions, and franchises. The companies that had the clearest sense of someone who launches a for- purpose—and a solid plan for survival—are the ones profit venture or business. The plan for survival is most effective when it takes the form of a written business plan.