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Do Standardized Tests Improve Education in America?
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After all, it was written by perhaps the greatest mind of our time. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Create one now! We should be learning for ourselves, not for others. If processes are governed by standards that teach employees to do efficient, high-quality work, the employees are more likely to take a sense of ownership and pride in the work that they do. The point of a standard is to provide a reliable basis for people to share the same expectations about a product or service.

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Why Elites Dislike Standardized Testing

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Standardized People - The Conspiracy of Standardized Testing

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Nonetheless, when applicants take advantage of such optional methods, they place themselves at competitive disadvantage with respect to admissions or financial aid, including merit-based financial aid. The absence of standardized test scores signals that an applicant's scores are well below the median for that university's applicant pool.

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  • Why Elites Dislike Standardized Testing;

Despite their test-optional stances, such universities in fact reify the importance of speeded standardized exams. Further, because standardized test scores are part of the U. News and World Report ranking system , even test-optional universities are mindful of the big role that the test scores of their admitted students play in helping them maintain a high rank, and make admissions decisions accordingly. In some ways, it's a good thing that this bribery and cheating scandal has shone a spotlight on how some parents use fraudulent means to game standardized tests for their children.

And while no system of admission can avoid cheating entirely, these stories should cause us to pause and ask why we privilege speed on the exams that decide whether or not a student gets to go to college. Stop and ask yourself how you solve difficult problems in life. Do you rush to figure out an answer reflexively? Or do you pause, consider various options, take a break, and come back later that day or the next day with a more considered answer?

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Deep thinking is rarely fast thinking. And deep thinking is what we need from our young people to solve our nation's problems.

Life is not a sprint, and college admissions should not be one either. It is time to insist that the companies developing standardized exams relax the time constraints, so that all students will have a chance to demonstrate their skills and abilities—not just those with parents who can find ways to buy extra time on college admissions tests.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. John Vermes graduated from Columbia University with a Standardized People by [Vermes, John, Vermes, Jenne]. Standardized People [John Vermes, Jenne Vermes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Have you ever taken a Multiple Choice test and find .

Opinion: The widening circle of cheating scandals on standardized tests should fuel the movement to reduce the stakes these exams have on public education in the U. It's time universities began to think of themselves as producers of value, not arbiters of merit.

What good is a high SAT score if you make a mess of your life? It's sort of like summer camp—just for highly educated adults.

Opinion: Standardized, high-stakes testing isn't a panacea for all that ails schools, but it is a good start for finding a cure.