Simply Notice: Clear Awareness Is the Key To Happiness, Love and Freedom

Simply Notice: Clear Awareness is the Key to Happiness, Love and Freedom
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The commitment heralds the process of facing the past by bringing unresolved issues to the surface in order to heal them. The challenge posed with honouring this commitment arises when confronting the pain, since this can be overwhelming at first. We must take refuge that to heal the past we must be willing to push through the pain, since pain is where personal growth and healing resides. Without it we continue to conceal the pain by using whatever means to keep us from facing the past.

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This may mean resorting to stimulants or unconducive behaviour which acts to distract us from the real issue. Once the commitment is made, trust that your healing process had already begun through your willingness to face the past. Masking pain may work for the short-term, yet it does not address the underlying issue.

It would be akin to applying band aid to a gushing wound hoping the blood would stop. The deep wound may require stitches and further medical care in order to properly heal. Acknowledging the pain invites you to feel the emotions connected to the pain, rather than stuff them down hoping that will go away. The energy expended towards stuffing down unwanted emotions far exceeds the energy required to heal the emotion. Resistance is a stone wall which overshadows our best intentions to thrive and prosper.

We resist how life should unfold, since we are caught up in a mental and emotional battle to make sense of reality. Those untoward events serve not to punish us, yet to reveal your deepest wisdom. Dealing with discomfort and pain may be confronting, although life is cyclical and everything must come to an end; even pain. Therefore instead of running away from your emotions, lean into them by experiencing them fully. This in itself will transform your fear, anxiety or anger. Let go of what you believe life owes you and step into your challenges. Rise to them armed with courage and a compassionate heart.

Maintain confidence that you have been presented with an experience from which to personally evolve. Everyone encounters pain throughout their life.

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Simply Notice: Clear Awareness is the Key to Happiness, Love and Freedom [ Peter Francis Dziuban] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Simply Notice: Clear Awareness Is the Key to Happiness, Love and Freedom (Audible Audio Edition): Peter Francis Dziuban: Books.

To sail through life without the contrasting emotional intensities would be to deny your personal growth. Character is formed under difficult circumstances, much like a diamond is formed under heat and pressure.

Simply Notice: Clear Awareness Is the Key to Happiness, Love and Freedom

Pain and suffering begins in childhood and continues throughout life. What people do with inner wounds that stem from pain will determine their attitude and actions throughout life.

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Inner wounds trigger some to persecute themselves. We can be hard on ourselves since we fail to respect our past and its accompanying pain need not be viewed as scars any longer. You are not a wounded soul because of your emotional experiences. You become the wounded victim when you repeatedly use those wounds to deflect from attending to the real pain inside. By accepting the past rather than run away from it, you build a bridge which connects to your future self. The future self delights in bringing you the emotional resources you need to heal this very moment instead of bringing the past and present baggage into the future.

Imagine taking a train ride from one side of the country to one another and insisting on stopping over in each city to pick up souvenirs. By the end of your journey not only would you be broke, the amount of energy required to haul your suitcases filled with souvenirs would be physically taxing.

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So it is with holding on to your pain. Acceptance does not deny you the pain incurred, it merely shines a light on the cracks so as to integrate them back into the wholeness of your being. But it had to be placed in perspective. The past could not dominate the future. Emotional pain of the past can be held within the body if left unattended.

A number of doctors have documented how emotions can cause a host of physical symptoms in the body. Notably Dr John Sarno and Dr Don Colbert have written extensively on how toxic emotions have the capacity to manifest as physical pain.

Reprogramming Your Heart for Success, Love and Happiness

They outline how emotions seek expression through you and if pushed down, will manifest in the body system. Releasing your emotional pain should be met with compassion. You are letting go of the pain and hurt with an open and loving heart in order to cleanse and make peace with the past.

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The releasing process may be approached in a number of ways. For some working with a trained mental health professional might be the best decision so as to gentle release the pain gradually over time. The skilled professional will deal with each situation individually, as some people may hold deeper emotional wounds than others, especially if there has been physical abuse. Others might turn to a spiritual leader within their community for healing.

Mixed feelings may surface during the process as well as physical changes in the body, owing to the person purging themselves of the emotional burden carried all these years. Dr Sarno describes healing back pain in hundreds of his patients who conveyed the emotions of anger and anxiety. Similarly Dr Colbert outlined how unforgiveness and betrayal had cause heart disease in a number of his patients who were unwilling to forgive. This is the weight of carrying the disempowering emotions all this time. Forgiveness entails forgiving oneself as well as the other person. Acknowledging this means no longer having to play victim to all that transpires in our life.

There is power knowing life need not happen to us rather that it flows through us. As we create empowering choices which are aligned with our spiritual truth, we trust life functions perfectly within the container of universal wisdom. We have faith that each experience serves a purpose in our personal evolution and once the lesson has been attained, we release and surrender it with openness to what will fill its place.

A bad act does not define someone as being bad. Your natural state consists of wholeness and goodness since you were not conceived in the image of evil. It is your thinking which discolours your perception that a bad act in the past must be punished accordingly.

Therefore as you heal the inner conflict contained within the inaccurate belief, you see self-forgiveness is possible and you need not persecute yourself any longer. Furthermore if you search deeper within you will see that your intentions at the time were vested in self-preservation.

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Our actions arise from the human instinct to take care of oneself at all times, therefore your actions were imbued with self-love rather than harm to others. Self-forgiveness should be viewed as a process which gradually opens the door to healing and allows us to surrender to life enacting her will through us. We invite the healing energy of love which resides within us to permeate throughout our being.

It is always there yet we conceal it by perpetuating a false myth of our guilt instead of our innocence. Originally published at medium. Tony is a leading self-empowerment author and keynote speaker. His understanding and integration of Mind-Body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behaviour. Tony developed a comprehensive health and self-development program titled: The Power to Navigate Life. The program teaches participants how to achieve mental, emotional and physical well-being using easy to follow principles.

His book which bears the same name, is testimony to the principles espoused in the program. He has published three books on health and self-development, endorsed by leading international authors including: Dr. Eldon Taylor, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dennis Merritt Jones.

Your awareness is like the clear glass of a windshield—and through it you experience every bit of your life. Awareness is inherently pure and clear. But it can get covered with sludge—of negative thoughts and emotions, and false beliefs.

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The simple noticing techniques in this book act as wipers to keep your windshield clean. The power of clear awareness takes over, and you automatically enjoy greater happiness, love and freedom.