Patriarcha and other Political Writings [Annotated]

Hobbes’s Moral and Political Philosophy
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This ability to create upheaval increases in accordance with the amount of power an individual may hold within the traditional power structure. If this independence from conventional thought occurs in someone with a high political rank, they potentially have the power to cause a collapse within that structure.

Feminist Criticism (1960s-present)

A person with little political power who finds protection within the established system has little recourse and is left defenseless when that system collapses. Given their traditionally less visible roles in society, rebellious women stand is sharp contrast to their more compliant sisters.

Ask the Professor - Filmer's Patriarcha on the Divine Right of Kings - September 12, 2018

She complies with the system that protects her and thrives within its protective walls. Gertrude stands in striking contrast to Ophelia. She is antithetical to the traditional standard of femininity. Through her refusal to accept the gender based expectations of her time and her defiant actions, Gertrude is ultimately responsible for the downfall of the ordered power structure and brings about her own destruction.

A compliant young woman accepts these standards and dwells safely in the space created for her. Ophelia is repeatedly praised for her beauty and purity,. Clearly, even a young woman who works within the system possesses power in her own right.

Karen Celis, Johanna Kantola, Georgina Waylen, and S. Laurel Weldon

Patriarcha and other Political Writings [Annotated] - Kindle edition by Robert Filmer, Michael Phillips. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC,​. Patriarcha and Other Writings [Sommerville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This volume contains the political writings of Sir Robert Filmer (), an acute defender of Patriarcha (Annotated): Scholar's Edition.

Her inexperience and compliance are proven in a conversation with her father Polonius. She relies on the security he provides and she feels comfortable living within it.

Upon his death, she is left literally adrift, committing suicide by allowing the weight of her skirts to pull her to a watery grave. Gertrude defies the standards of her gender. Nowhere in the text is she praised for her beauty; she is older and also never denies her sexuality. She is in no way compliant, and in fact, makes her decisions despite the objections of her son, her religion , and her husband. She marries Claudius despite his sentiments.

She is who she has decided to be; she makes no attempt to show herself as the asexual ideal. His plan to take the throne is contingent upon marrying Gertrude; he is relying on her defiant spirit to reach his goal. In his arrogance, though, he fails to take into account that by the very virtue of her character, Gertrude would most surely defy him as well. Her defiance is responsible for causing the death of the king and the disintegration of the hierarchy.

The patriarchal nature of the social order reinforces and rewards the compliance of women. Ophelia dies by her own hand because she lost her father, for her, the source of both order and authority. Gertrude dies because she was unwilling to bow to authority.

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She rejects her role as a woman, destroying herself. Through her defiance and rebellion, she takes the order down with her. Women who comply with the social order are lost without it; those who defy it can know no other fortune than to be lost within it.

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