Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics (Mathematics and Visualization)

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Multimedia Technology for Mathematics and Computer Science Education

Sep 5 - 6, Activities will include: participant lightning talk show and tell project introductions start of the micro courses tour of equipment short course planning session There will be ample time for discussions with potential semester collaborators. They are beautiful either way. Illustration of the mandala-like patterns as a second approximation to its space-filling curve.

As Jeffrey Ventrella mentions in his blog post ,. Even within the square, there is an infinite variety of plane-filling sweeps. But some of these curves bust out of their square homes and push the fractal dimension of their boundaries to the point of them becoming their own space-filling curves. The number and quality of the illustrations are astonishing. Prepping for these competitions, which start with pedestrian topics but take them in remarkably creative directions, addresses that.

But just as crucially, these smart kids are with VERY few exceptions sincerely and severely lacking in humility …competitions can show them they still have something left to learn. He was recently named as Editor-in-Chief of that blog, a position that was formerly held by Adriana Salerno. Also, have you visited the new Living Proof blog yet? Deepmind, famously known for creating the computer programs AlphaGo and Alpha Zero, features a blog that showcases their current research efforts in artificial intelligence AI.

We thought podcasts were a great option for a series about AI because they allow nuanced discussion and lets listeners hear directly from the people doing the work. This podcast is aimed at people who are curious about AI but may not have the technical background. In this eight-part series, listeners get an inside look from researchers themselves to the challenges the field of AI is tackling today.

See the trailer below. What I enjoyed most about the podcasts were the many analogies used to explain how AI connects to human experiences and other fields. Here, I summarize my top three episodes. How do we define intelligence?

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Jess Hamrick mentions that the debate centers on two camps: should we create AI that is smarter than humans or as intelligent as humans? Matt Botvinick describes how neuroactivity suggests that human brains learn by replaying memories and a very similar idea has a place in AI research. For example, an AI can beat Atari games such as Space Invaders, mainly by learning from the previous games played and maximizing its rewards.

Also, human abilities such as liking memories to each other, using mental simulations, and adapting to new situations, give AI a better capacity for solving problems. By studying AI and neuroscience together we can create a virtuous circle where knowledge in the fields flows between one another. Can we use AI to solve real-world problems outside the lab? Pearse Keane discusses how as the number of patients increases there is a growing challenge in diagnosing urgent and common conditions such as age-related macular degeneration AMD , which can lead to blindness, accurately and quickly. Using AI could promote the early detection and treatment of diseases.

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Mathematics and Visualization "This book on multimedia tools for communicating mathematics is a selection of presentations which took place at an. Buy Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics (Mathematics and Visualization) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

AI can find clues to reduce the number of shapes being considered for a particular problem. Finally, Sims Witherspoon describes how our use of technology, which relies on data centers, has a great energy demand. We can ask AI to tell us how to adjust dials in data centers to reduce energy use. How can we ethically implement, develop, and use AI?

One of the concerns is that Verity Harding mentions is that AI could be used in different ways than intended. If AI is transformative in a good way, it can also be transformative in a negative way. Lila Ibrahim makes the point that there is a lot of responsibility when building technology, especially now that it is available to more people. For example, when using AI in the criminal justice system to reduce inconsistencies among rulings, one must tread lightly and account for racial prejudice and bias in both data and algorithmic implementation.

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William Isaac highlights that algorithms are not necessarily more objective than humans thus we still have to grapple with ethical questions. Along with Silvia Chiappa, both point out how difficult it is to define and technically measure fairness. Thus, interrogating data and involving more voices in the conversation is and will be crucial to making sure we build a world that belongs to all.

Overall, it was a great way to make AI research more accessible! Absolutia controls temperature, which requires effort whether she raises or lowers it… Radical , whose symbol is a square root sign, can create invisible electromagnetic prisms whose bases are right triangles. He can move things, including himself, along the hypotenuse face of such a prism. Education Week recently published this piece by Catherine Gewertz. The piece quotes teachers who describe using math-themed comic books along with other curricula.

The piece ends with a discussion of misconceptions about comics in the classroom.

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Cindy S. Ticknor, author of The Mysterious I. On September 20, , a series of strikes around the world demanding action against climate change began as part of Global Week for the Future. It inspired me to look into ways mathematics contributes to the growing challenge of sustainability. Sustainability is the ability of a system to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

As she mentions,. I agree! To add to the discussion, I wanted to highlight ways we can practice and incorporate sustainability in mathematics. One way we can use math for sustainability is to add it to our syllabus.

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Thomas Pfaff Ithaca College has a collection of projects in statistics and calculus related to sustainability. They do this by discussing three sustainability issues: climate change, income inequality, and lead exposure and crime.

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Photo by Ines Alvarez-Fdez. Rhonda Draws. Be it in your classroom, research, or at your next conference, make sustainability part of the discussion. Borwein, M. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. For example, when using AI in the criminal justice system to reduce inconsistencies among rulings, one must tread lightly and account for racial prejudice and bias in both data and algorithmic implementation.

It includes 11 ideas on how students can use applied mathematics to make a difference. These students, who were all from underrepresented groups in STEM, showed how they are developing mathematical identities that includes being mathematical problem solvers to make a difference. A big concern in academic social media is the environmental impact of travel. Some of the suggestions include minimizing the carbon impact of an event by serving vegetarian food, encouraging digital and not paper programs, minimizing swag and working with your venue to serve food and drink in reusable or compostable containers.

Also, holding fewer conferences or minimizing overseas travel, organizing conferences at regional hubs near airports or as part of bigger conferences, and building carbon offsets into the conference budget. These ideas extend to other aspects of academic life. For example, the use of virtual platforms i. Skype, Zoom, Webex, Connect and GoToMeeting to hold conferences, give talks remotely, and build communities through online discussion groups. He also points out the great challenge of achieving cooperation with problems at a global scale, especially in the case of common resources, and the mathematical theory needed to tackle it.