La blessure - La tragédie des harkis (French Edition)

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Tells of the arrest and subsequent trials of major Nazi officials and their subordinates. From the viewpoint of Algerian nationalists, all Harkis were traitors; but at independence, the signatories of the March cease-fire " Accords d'Evian " signed by France and the Algerian FLN , guaranteed that no one, Harkis or Pieds-Noirs Algerian-born Europeans with French nationality , would suffer reprisals after independence for any action during the war.

In the French government of Charles de Gaulle originally ordered officials and army officers to prevent the Harkis from following the Pieds-Noirs and seeking refuge in metropolitan France. Some officers of the French army disobeyed and tried to assist the Harkis under their command - as well as their families - to escape from Algeria. About 90, Harkis including family members found refuge in France. On the other hand, the OAS far-right terrorist group initiated a campaign of bombings in Algeria following the Evian Accords to block the Pieds-Noirs population from leaving the country.

As feared, widespread reprisals took place against those Harkis who remained in Algeria. Hundreds died when put to work clearing the minefields along the Morice Line , or were shot out of hand. Others were tortured atrociously; army veterans were made to dig their own tombs, then swallow their decorations before being killed; they were burned alive, or castrated, or dragged behind trucks, or cut to pieces and their flesh fed to dogs. Many were put to death with their entire families, including young children. Regular Algerian Muslim troops who were offered the option of continuing to serve in the French Army were only occasionally subject to reprisals.

Some leaders of the new Algerian Republic were veterans of the French Army, which prior to independence had provided one of the few avenues for advancement open to the Muslim majority in colonial society.

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By there were about Algerian Muslim officers in the French Army, although only one had achieved promotion to the rank of general. The French government, concerned mainly with disengagement from Algeria and the repatriation of the Pieds-Noirs , disregarded or downplayed news of the massacres of Harkis.

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Charles de Gaulle appears to have been indifferent to the plight of the Muslim loyalists according to Horne, who reported that the president remarked to one of their spokesmen "Eh bien! The French government did not plan for the Harkis after independence, and for some years it did not recognize any right for them to stay in France as residents and citizens. The Harkis were kept in "temporary" internment camps surrounded by barbed wire, such as the Camp de Rivesaltes Joffre Camp in Rivesaltes outside of Perpignan and in "chantiers de forestage" — communities of 30 Harki families on the outskirts of forests which the men maintained.

Guide La blessure - La tragédie des harkis (French Edition)

The French government has since enacted various measures to help the Harki community notably the Romani law and the Mekachera law ; although in the views of community leaders these laws are often too little, too late. The government of Jacques Chirac subsequently acknowledged these former allies, holding public ceremonies to commemorate their sacrifices, such as the 25 September Day of National Recognition for the Harkis.

For its part, the Algerian government does not recognize the Harkis as French citizens.

The Causes For Celebration

It does not permit them to enter Algeria to visit their birth-places or family members left behind in that country. Since Algerian independence, "Harki" has been used as a derogatory expression within Algeria.

History and memory within the pied-noir and harki communities, 1962–2012

Algerian historian Mohammed Harbi , a former FLN member, believes that comparison between Harkis and traitors or "collaborators" is not pertinent. About this Item: L'Harmattan , Condition: Comme neuf. Published by Autrement From: Ammareal Grigny, France. About this Item: Autrement, Condition: Bon. Former library book.

Before the Algerian conflict

Slight signs of wear on the cover. Stamp or mark on the inside cover page. Seller Inventory B Published by Acropole From: Domifasol Charbonnieres, France. About this Item: Acropole, Couverture Souple Illustree. Condition: Etat De Neuf. Format: 14x Avec illustrations.

The legitimating function of individual discourse: Remembering the Harkis’ tragedy

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By there were about Algerian Muslim officers in the French Army, although only one had achieved promotion to the rank of general. In the combination, you must combine any sections Entitled "History" in the various original documents, forming one section Entitled "History"; likewise combine any sections Entitled "Acknowledgements", and any sections Entitled "Dedications". Stora, op. French soldiers with suspected Algerian rebels. You may not copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute the Document except as expressly provided for under this License. About this Item: J'ai lu,

Un vol. Published by Perrin About this Item: Perrin, Condition: Good. Ships from the UK. Former Library book. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside.

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Seller Inventory GRP Published by Clem pica From: crealivres La fontennelle, France. About this Item: Clem pica, Published by Ramsay. About this Item: Ramsay.

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