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`In a Peaceful Life': Migration and the Crime of Modernity in Europe/Italy
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History of the Italians' Racial Identity].

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The following reflection connects texts and contexts relevant to themes of abjection Kristeva Migrazioni, cittadinanza, globalizzazione ombre corte, How to cite item. Struttura Aziendale e Organizzazione dello Sfruttamento, by G. If anyone is able to fill some of these gaps, we would be very grateful. The Modern Prince in Bologna G.

A quest'ultima in particolare il volume dedica, infine, le conclusioni. Beyond Curiosity. In questo contesto la History emerse non solo come importante serbatoio di conoscenze e di progetti di riforma, ma anche come elemento—chiave nella costruzione del discorso che venne posto a legittimazione del governo coloniale britannico. Journal Articles. This article investigates the role, reception, and socio-cultural, political relevance of mondo m The mondo genre debuted with reportage films about sexuality in Europe and reached its pinnacle with Gualtiero Jacopetti's assemblage films.

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A brief review of some of the author's published work on mondo movies introduces Cannibal Holocaust and director Ruggero Deodato's controversial reflection on the white, capitalist, sexist, Western and neo-colonial anthropological gaze. Monstrosity, Abjection and Europe in the War on Terror. The following reflection connects texts and contexts relevant to themes of abjection Kristeva My argument is based on the research undertaken on the origins and transformations of anti-Muslim feelings from the foundation of Modern Christian Europe up to today, and specifically at the time of empires and afterwards, focusing on Britain and the US.

I am referring to the debate on the relation between racism, anti-semitism and Islamophobia, the one between Islamophobia and colonialism, and finally the one on Islamophobia in postcolonial modernity.

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The first debate e. Giochi al Buio o Parole per Dirlo? Giochi al buio o parole per dirlo? Riflessioni su razza, razzismo e antirazzismo intorno a un col Riflessioni su razza, razzismo e antirazzismo intorno a un colloquio con Gaia Giuliani, by Maria Teresa Milicia. My essay explores processes of naturalisation and inferiorisation of the racialised Other in a se Specifically, it focuses on the visual reproduction of racialisation.

Its premise is an idea of race as a discursive construction that uses visual texts to signify a position of subalternity Hall b. My article focuses on particular forms of exoticizing discursive practices produced and reproduce This discussion will also analyze the discursive strategies employed by both El Mahroug and Kyenge against the exotizing and openly inferiorizing discourses built around them.

Italian Racism between Fascism and Contemporary Articulations]. This article aims at mapping the impact of 'fears of disasters and crisis' on European self-repre Its methodology is a critical discourse analysis of texts-specifically television series such as the BBC's Dead Set and the first season of BBC US and UK, In the Flesh, and movies such as 28 Days Later , L'Horde , and World War Z -read through the lens of postcolonial theories, critical race and whiteness studies, the concepts of political philosophy and the theoretical insights of post-human feminism.

This composite theoretical framework permits a grasp of gendered, racialised and classed fantasies behind the narratives of catastrophe and the visions of the post-apocalyptic world s the catastrophe is supposed to bring to life; it also allows an analysis of the meaning and articulations of catastrophe and post-world spatial constructions, and the latter's relation to actual and imagined social hierarchies gender, colour and class of the survivors. These are a few of the themes that this article discusses in an attempt to uncover what fantasies of the present are hidden behind present memories of the future.

Interventions - Journal of Postcolonial Studies , I discuss the complicated process of the early twentieth-century construction of the multifaceted With alteroreferential racism I refer to a system of racialization that is centred on the Other. This second phase would be characterized by a decidedly auto-referential racialization that claimed racial purity and self-consistency as the mark of the incommensurability between Italian racial identity and inferior racialized groups.

Save to Library Edit. The Colour Lines of Settler Colonialism.

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Colour has been important to the thinking and practice of Western settler colonialism since the m Since the emerging dominance of modernity, and within the expanding perimeter of the colonial enterprise, human communities in European and overseas territories have been portrayed geometrically, chronologically and visibly through colour. Colour has been the cipher of colonial diversity.

Whether or not a correspondence exists with real phenotypic characteristics, colour has signified a set of characteristics that has codified diversity, including un-humanness and inferiority, within a broader system of knowledge that assigned full human standing and superiority solely to the colonizers. La Razza Fuoristrada. Nei primi anni Settanta, accompagnata e resa popolare dalla na-scente industria pornografica e al Si tratta di quel cinema porno soft che vedeva tra le sue protagoniste l'attrice eritrea Zeudi Araya e l'attrice indonesiana-olandese Laura Gemser.

My aim in this afterword is to provide a semiotic analysis that captures the contemporary discour Today the sea is no longer a space regulated solely by international law and State jurisdiction, but a space of governmentality.

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By space of governmentality I mean a space defined by the collaboration of a number of institutional and non-institutional actors governance in the management and biopolitical control of global and transnational trajectories of people, products, and capital mobility. I interpret it here as invested in a specific exercise of power that reaffirms the symbolic and discretionary nature of its modern borders and of the border in general. Borders are deconstructed and reorganised across space according to the unceasing re-articulation of international power relations, national sovereignties, market technologies and systems of measurement and control on a global scale.

A conception of the sea in terms of a border, or rather as a set of often de-territorialised borders that cut across lands, waters, and continents.

Bella e Abbronzata. Visualizzare la Razza nella Televisione [Beautiful and Tanned.

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Visualise Race in Television, ]. La Zona d'Ombra. Piacenza Brescia Centro. Brescia Est Brescia-Montichiari. Castelnuovo del Garda under construction Strada Statale di Affi.

Sommacampagna Verona-Villafranca. Autostrada A Piovene Rocchette. Padova Ovest Tangenziale di Padova. Padova Est Tangenziale di Padova. Tangenziale di Venezia - Mestre west. Belluno Venezia-Tessera Tangenziale di Venezia north. Tangenziale di Venezia - Quarto d'Altino east.

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Meolo - Roncade. Santo Stino di Livenza. San Giorgio di Nogaro - Porpetto. Tarvisio Villach - Vienna. Villesse - Gorizia Nova Gorica. Redipuglia - Monfalcone Ovest Trieste-Ronchi d. Sign In.

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