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Old money - pounds, shillings and pence - an introduction
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Trade Dollar. Years: - Dollar tokens , - Trade Dollars. This coin is better known as a 'piece of 8' - as mentioned in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The production of this coin was a test performed by the Soho Mint in Birmingham, as the Royal Mint had little confidence in the outcome. Britain won, and in doing so gained access to Chinese ports, having held colonies in the East for a number of years.

These coins were minted to be uniform - along with Trade Dollars in the US and Spain amongst others - at. Between - these Trade Dollars became for use in Hong Kong exclusively.

Quarter Guinea. A very rare coin, the gold Quarter Guinea was only made twice, in two 1-year spells; and again in Browse our Quarter Guinea gold coins.


The money used in our village was: farthing, Ha'penny, penny, thrupenny bit, sixpence, shilling, two bob bit, half crown, ten bob note, pound note and five. Title: Half Crown Bob and Tales of the Riverine Author: Price Warung * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: quaporekon.gq Language: English.

The Noble gold coin was worth 80 pence, which is an alternate value of 6 Shillings and 2 Groats or 1 Crown and a quarter Noble. Nobles were the first mass produced gold coin in England and were introduced between and during the reign of King Edward III.

Bobs, tanners and Joeys – a language which disappeared 45 years ago

The Angel coin was the forerunner to many British coins. It featured the Archangel Michael slaying a dragon - imagery that would inspire Benedetto Pistrucci's design of St George slaying the dragon on British Gold Sovereigns. The coin grew in value during its production, but was later abandoned. View our rare gold Angel collectable coins. Third Guinea. The coins were only produced during the reign of King George III, and most were made after the unification of Great Britain and Ireland, which was formalised at the turn of Half Unite.

The Half Unite was the half-size version of the Unite coin; the second Pound coin to circulate in England. The Unite coins were introduced by the Tower Mint in London under the rule of King James I, who wanted to commemorate the unification work between England and Scotland but also to regulate British currency more.

The coin had a value of 10 Shillings, though in line with the value rise of the Unite coin this rose to 11 Shillings briefly. Half Sovereign. The Half Sovereign is still in use today, but it is an old coin and did have an equivalence in the old coin system pre-decimalisation. A Half Sovereign was effectively half a Pound, and as such had a value of 10 Shillings.

The Half 'Sov' weighs 3. The coins were first made in during the reign of King Henry VIII, until , and then recommissioned in with the major overhaul of British coinage. Like the full Sovereign, the coin features the monarch on the obverse and typically St George and the Dragon on the reverse, though some years instead featured a shield back design. At BullionByPost we have a broad range of old and new gold Half Sovereigns in stock and available today. Half Guinea. This is due to the gold quality, sourced through the British Empire and colonialism from the Guinea Coast near what is now modern day Ghana and Togo.

Click here to see more Half Guinea coins. Unite Pound. The Unite gold coin was the second oldest Pound coin, following on from the old English Sovereign. It was later replaced by the Laurel, which was the third Pound coin in Britain. Its value was 20 Shillings, as set by the Tower Mint who produced the coins, but it increased slightly due to the rising price of gold in Europe.

British Denominations

The price reset back to 20 Shillings in time for the Laurel's mintage. Click to see our selection of gold Unite pound coins. Sovereign Pound. The Sovereign was the former Pound coin. There were 4 Crowns to the Sovereign, or 20 Shillings.

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It was typically a split usage between Sovereigns and Guineas, with this coin being primarily used on a day to day basis. The English Gold Sovereign was first minted in during the Tudor period, though production ended in The Unite see above and then the Laurel were the next Pound coins, before British Sovereigns were introduced in as part of the Great Recoinage. Gold Sovereign coins weigh 7. View gold Sovereign coins here.

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Quid — an old nickname for the pound that has survived into modern British usage. Originally the name quid referred specifically to bank-notes, but since the introduction of the pound coin that has changed. Sov — a nickname for Sovereigns, and also sometimes applied to pound coins. Nugget — a relative newcomer used to refer to pound coins but which may have been previously applied to Sovereigns.

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Nickel — This term became popular after when the content of the 5-cent piece was changed from silver and copper to copper and nickel, a cheaper metal. Quarter — Spanish dollars circulated alongside US dollars for many years. Loonies — The Canadian one dollar coin was introduced in It bears images of a common loon, a bird which is common and well known in Canada, on the reverse.

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Thanks to reader Shuki Raz for this one! This was perhaps the most widely used and universally accepted coin in the world during the past years. An 8-Reale coin was so valuable that is was frequently cut into eight pieces! Thanks to reader Geoffrey Gill for this description. This was, perhaps, the first attempt at decimalisation as there were 10 to a pound. It was always known as a two-bob bit. Paper money came in smaller units than today with red ten-bob notes 10s or 50p today and a green pound note.

If you had a wallet full of ten-bob notes you would have been a lot richer than having a pocketful of 50p coins today. Share this article.